Corporate housing: what is it and why choose it?

International corporations open many branches in various countries. Their employees increasingly often go on business trips to carry out a project or temporarily replace another person. A hotel stay is a good option for short-term trips, but there is another possibility available: corporate housing. What is it and why should you choose this solution?

What is corporate housing?

Corporate housing is the best solution for companies which need to provide their employees with accommodation during business trips, whether long or short. It involves rental of high-class apartments for business purposes via a specialized agency. This solution is much more beneficial in terms of price than accommodation in hotels, which usually offer short-term stays. It is also more convenient than renting apartments from individuals. An agent guarantees high standard and perfect locations of apartments.

What are the benefits of corporate apartment rental?

Corporate apartment rental is thoroughly beneficial. First and foremost, the solution is convenient for the company and the employee alike. The agency takes care of the technical condition, cleanliness and utilities supply in the apartment. A business customer finds it comfortable because they can feel at home — an apartment ensures quiet and privacy that no hotel can provide. They do not need to worry about the apartment condition because it is the company that arranges repairs, cleaning and changing the sheets and towels. Furthermore, the available apartments offer various surface areas and perfect locations in the centers of big cities. The agency even provides employee transfer from the airport and a parking space.