Why is corporate housing increasingly popular?

Corporate housing offers a number of benefits for employees and enterprises alike. Learn why so many businesses opt for this solution and discover its advantages./p>

Comfortable accommodation

Corporate housing apartments ensure high standard, convenience and full support. They also provide appliances which are not always offered by other forms of fixed-term rental such as hotels.

Flexibility of corporate housing

Business apartments can be rented for long or short periods. This is very convenient for employees who travel often or expect their stay in a company branch to be extended. Moreover, corporate housing allows an employer to find accommodation for several staff members at once. You do not need to seek separate rooms — just contact us, and we will find comfortable accommodation for all your employees.

Perfect location of apartments

The apartments offered by cracowcorporatehousing.com are situated near the city center or in the vicinity of major roads and means of transport. Thus, employees can easily reach any important place.

Professional service and support

Cracow Corporate Housing offers comprehensive service, including full care of apartments and constant support by the staff. Consequently, once your employees check in at the apartments, they will have nothing to worry about!

Advantageous price of corporate housing

Corporate housing can be much more financially attractive that other forms of accommodation such as hotels or boarding houses. We offer flexible pricing and long-term contracts. It is possible to extend the stay and adjust many components of accommodation to the requirements of your business. As a result, you can save on employee accommodation while still enjoying problem-free comprehensive service.