Corporate apartment rental - advantages

Corporate apartment rental has a lot of adventages. This solution is convenient for the company and the employee alike. The agency takes care of cleanliness, utilities supply in the apartment and the technical condition. They do not need to worry about the apartment condition. The company that arranges repairs, cleaning and changing the sheets and towels. Furthermore, the available apartments offer various surface areas and perfect locations in the centers of big cities. The agency even provides employee transfer from the airport and a parking space.

From the employeer's point of view, the advantages are more numerous. A business customer, in a business apartment, finds it comfortable because the employee can feel like home. An apartment ensures quiet and privacy that no hotel can provide. Not only do they have modern equipment (such as a fully furnished kitchen) at their disposal, but they can also invite guests. A business apartment enables its residents to feel like home. There are no quiet hours in place, and the employee is not obliged to leave the keys at the reception.

Additional services for corporate housing

Corporate housing usually includes additional services such as paid breakfast or transport from the airport. Naturally, our apartments offer such services too. We also provide a parking space for employees who arrive by their own cars. If you wish to learn more about corporate housing, do not hesitate to contact us!

Pet friendly business accommodation

In many apartments rented directly from the owners for a short time, as well as in hotels, it is prohibited to keep pets. In a business apartment, however, your employee can stay with their cat, dog, rabbit or another rodent! This is fantastic news to any employee who previously had to choose between promising professional prospects and their love for animals. Corporate housing removes the necessity to part with pets during longer business trips.